Malcolm visits Beltsville Shell West

We love it when friends from Beltsville come to visit us in Carlsbad.

Like Tom and Bonnie Hontz, Nace DeLauter, John Bradley, Bill Goodwin, and Steve Abdalla, Malcolm Van Kirk visited with us in late April of 2023.  Malcolm brought his friend, Derek, as the two of them were in San Diego on business related to their famous DC3 aircraft.

Arriving on Tuesday afternoon, the first stop on the Carlsbad tour was to check out the garage.

The next stop was a drive along the Carlsbad coastline, followed by a visit to the famous Carlsbad flower fields.

 Then we returned to the house for wine and refreshments outside on the patio . . .

. . .  followed by a ride in the Z06 Corvette . . .


. . . to arrive for dinner at the "Landings" restaurant at our local Palomar Airport.

On Wednesday morning, Malcolm and Derek were treated to Nan's famous pancakes for breakfast.

While waiting for their business appointment on Wednesday afternoon, the guys relaxed by the pool.

No visit to Carlsbad is complete without a trip to Rubio's for a helping of their famous fish tacos, so we made that our priority for lunch on Wednesday.


On their way to their business appointment on Wednesday afternoon, Derek and Malcolm stopped for a peek at the historic "Top Gun House" in nearby Oceanside.  This is the house made famous in the first Top Gun movie.  New owners have converted the house into a pie shop!  Malcolm had to check out the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

When the guys returned on Wednesday night from their business meeting, we enjoyed dinner at the house, followed by an ice cream run to Handel's in downtown Carlsbad.

Even though they had a mid-day flight back to Maryland on Thursday, Malcolm and Derek made time for a quick tour of one of my favorite places in Carlsbad -- the Craftsmanship Museum.  I think Malcolm's favorite display is the miniature radial airplane engine -- just like the engines on the DC3.

Malcolm and Derek, thanks for stopping to visit with me and Nan!  We hope you enjoyed your tour of Carlsbad.