#2 - 2003

Date: Saturday, March 15, 2003
Location: Kaufman’s Restaurant
Attendees:  (L to R) Cary Thomas, Ralph Bull, Sonny Boteler, John Bradley, Nace DeLauter, Peggy Bradley, Bonnie Hontz, Tom Hontz, Wayne Thomas   

By the time we held our second reunion, the book was nearly completed, and would eventually be published about six months later.  We returned to Kaufman's Restaurant and took over their back room.

On this trip I was able to meet face-to-face with Sharon Cox, the person who introduced me to Corvettes and appears prominently in the book.  She had a nice reunion with my mother, Helen Thomas, at the same time (they had worked together years earlier).

I was also able to connect with Jim McEvoy, the guy who gave me my first ride in a Corvette.  He was retired in rural Virginia. I enjoyed visiting with him in his home and his huge garage filled with Corvettes.

The visit motivated me to push harder to wrap up all the details so that the book could go to the publisher.

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