#13 - 2014

Date: July 12, 2014
Location: Herman’s Garage
Left to Right: Robert Edwards (owner of the red Corvette), Dennis Monke, Frank Mintz, Ron Strobel, Sam Whitmore, Bill Goodwin, Sonny Boteler, Tom Hontz, Bill Mortfeld, Sam Powell, (unknown photobomber), Donny Borgwardt, Nace Delauter, Bonnie Hontz, Charles Crowson, Tammy Williams, Pat Thomas, Herman Knauer, Cary Thomas, Phil Corbin, Nancy Paul Thomas, Lynn Garland

In attendance but not shown: Al Beck, Rodney Garrison, Bill Hurley, Hannah Mortfeld Jenkins, Barbara Ransom, Rick Ransom, Eddie Scarcia, Malcolm Van Kirk, Bonnie Williams

For 2014 we returned to Herman's garage again.  Robert Edwards let us use his Corvette be the poster car for this event!

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