#12 - 2013

Date: September 12, 2013

Location: Herman’s Garage


Front Row (L to R): Gerry Adkins, Sara Wiley, Lynn Garland, Nancy Thomas

Back Row (L to R): Sam Whitmore, Phil Corbin, Gary Manley, Tom Hontz, Sonny Boteler, Cary Thomas, Herman Knauer, Nace DeLauter, Bill Goodwin, Bill Mortfeld, Pat Thomas

In attendance but not shown: Rick Ransom, Malcolm Van Kirk, Steve Van Kirk, Tammy Williams, Bonnie Williams, Robert Edwards

With us in Spirit, but unable to attend: Bonnie Hontz

We were all excited to see the Ford Truck that Herman was building from scratch.  What a craftsman!

Every detail was meticulously executed by Herman!

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