#19 - 2023


On September 29, 2023 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of "Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive".

Throughout those 20 years we have had a Beltsville Shell Reunion almost every year (COVID and all), in which 104 different people have attended.  From the first reunion in 2002, when eight friends met at Kaufmann's Tavern in Gambrills, Maryland, until now, the total attendance stands at 389.

We decided to celebrate the anniversary of the book's publication a few months early, so this year we met at Herman's garage on June 25th.  This was the twelfth time Herman has hosted the event.  How can I ever adequately thank Herman, and those people who come to assist him, in providing a home for these reunions, in Beltsville, and for their kindness in hosting them?

Summer arrived gently this year in Beltsville and blessed us with nice weather.  The turnout was the second highest ever at 42.  In addition to the many repeat attendees, some newcomers joined us. 

In the photo below we see (left to right) Valerie and Fred Smith, Eddie Scarcia, Donnie Borgwardt, Michael Moore, Larry Gaffigan, Hannah Gaffigan, Sam Whitmore, Bill and Maryjane Goodwin, Phil Corbin, Phil Marcus, Barbara Ransom, Bev Abdalla, Tick Mangum, Anne McFarland, Jim Ziepolt, Doug Jones, Suzanne Lees, Rick Ransom, Nace DeLauter, Mr. Loody, Pat Thomas, Steve Abdalla, Charles Crowson, Tom and Bonnie Hontz, Herman Knauer, Shirley Sokolowski, Phil Cleary, Cary and Nan, Danny Sokolowski, Jannah Hobday, Bud Duley, Malcolm Van Kirk, and Steve and Tammy Yokum.


 Also in attendance, but not pictured above, were Bonnie Williams, Vernon Islei and Bud Duley's son and daughter.

 For a full report on the Reunion, please see the posting here:

Beltsville Shell Reunion # 19 

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