In Search of Stan Burke

Since Beltsville Shell was published about 18 years ago, the letters (and emails) that we receive from people who want to buy the book, or letters (and emails) that are written after reading the book, bring us great joy.

In "retirement" I'm gradually cleaning out clutter both in my garage and on my computer.  And I'm finally finding time to organize photos and other items that I want to keep.  A few days ago, while impersonating Marie Kondo, I stumbled across the letter below, sent exactly 10 years ago today, to Nan, wanting to purchase a book:

I love this letter from a guy who lived in Beltsville, went to High Point High School, worked at a Shell station, and drives a Corvette!

But I have been unsuccessful in tracking down Stan (I don't have a phone number or an email address for him).  

If you can help me connect with Stan, then I can see how he liked the book!

Thanks,  Cary