Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive - Available Now!

I've been really pleased with the popularity of Beltsville Shell: You Are What You Drive.

The first printing was made available in 2003 and sold out in 2015. A second printing was made available in 2015 and sold out in January 2019.

Based on continuing demand, a third, and final, printing has been made available as of June 2020.  The price is $24.95 ($35.00 Canadian).

While supplies last, the book can be ordered through Amazon

Or, for more personalized service (including securing autographed copies) you may order books by sending a check payable to Nancy Thomas for $24.95 per copy, plus $4.00 for shipping, to:

Nancy Thomas
3581 Seaview Way
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Books are shipped USPS "book rate" and take about a week to arrive.

Thank you for your interest in my book.

Cary Thomas

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