John Bradley - Platinum Birthday

Today marks the 75th Birthday of one of my dearest child-hood friends -- John Roger Bradley.

John and I shared our teen years together in Beltsville -- he was my idol and best friend.  We did everything together -- hanging out after school drinking Cokes and eating Jiffy Time Pop Corn, eating softserve ice cream from Randy's Dari-Delight, building Go karts in his Dad's garage, going to teen club at the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department on Friday afternoon -- everything.

After I got a job at Beltsville Shell, and bought my first Corvette, John soon followed suit -- graduating from his 396 Chevelle to the baddest Corvette of that era -- the 1967 427-435 Stingray Roadster.  Like everything in John's life, it was the absolute best.  He nicknamed the car "Bad Bascom" and, damn, that car was a monster.

John lured me in to going to my first (legal -- not on the street) Drag Race.  We went to Aquasco Speedway in southern Maryland and won 1st Place trophies in our respective Classes on our first time out!

 We were still teenagers, racing against all those "men" at the drag strip!

Many years later, when it came time for me to choose a photo to go on the cover of Beltsville Shell, there was never any doubt about the photo I would choose.  Nothing came close to the photo above in capturing the real meaning of Beltsville Shell -- lasting friendship -- cool cars -- driving fast -- having fun!

Even though I moved to California 46 years ago, we have remained close friends.

John attended the first Beltsville Shell reunion, and many more since then.

Thank you, John, for a lifetime of memories and friendship.

Happy birthday -- and here's to many more!

Cary  May 13, 2022

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